What are AI writers?

AI writers and AI text generators are essentially the same thing, with slightly different emphases depending on context. Both terms refer to tools that use artificial intelligence to create written content. Here’s a breakdown: Similarities: Differences (subtle): Additional notes: So, whether you call them AI writers or AI text generators, these tools present exciting possibilities […]

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Publishing VIA IngramSpark

This could be helpful for Indie Authors: IngramSpark is a self-publishing and distribution platform that allows you to print and distribute your books worldwide. Here are the steps on how to publish a book via IngramSpark: Step 1: Create an IngramSpark Account Step 2: Upload Your Book Files Step 3: Set Your Pricing and Distribution

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Finding Your Book Genre

Here are some of the most popular book genres: Once you’ve chosen a genre, you can start to narrow down your focus. What’s the setting of your story? What are the main characters like? What’s the conflict? The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to write a compelling story. Remember, the

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