How Amazon’s self-publishing service has empowered authors and diversified publishing over the last 15 years

Written by Amazon Staff /

Kindle Direct Publishing has democratized the publishing industry and given readers access to a greater variety of stories from self-published authors. Learn more about the service and its impact.
Since 2007, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has helped launch millions of successful careers in self-publishing. Through KDP, independent authors can publish their books in print or digital formats for free, and make them easily available to readers in over a dozen marketplaces and 175 countries.

“We launched Kindle Direct Publishing in 2007 to empower writers and diversify publishing,” said Charles Kronbach, VP at Amazon. “Today, 15 years later, we’re proud that millions of storytellers are able to share their otherwise-untold stories with more readers around the world than ever before.”

As we celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the service, take a look at how KDP has flourished alongside readers and writers over the years.

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